Dungeon Keeper 2

Appeared : June 1999
Developer : Bullfrog
Editor : Electronic Arts
Distributor : Electronic Arts
Official Web Site : bullfrog.ea.com
My opinion : Just love the humour of this game.

The title page
The Menu page
The Dungeon Heart

Dungeon Keeper was one of the first bad-guy games that ever appeared, and it was funny as well. DK2 builds incredibly well on the heritage left by its predecessor.

Wacky humor, a good interface and the chance to manage demons and undead creatures are the main advantages of this game. You liked Ultima Underworld or Eye of the Beholder ? Now you will understand how annoying it is to have your beautifully crafted realm laid to waste by thoughtless Paladins and Heroes. And the introductory texts and cutscenes are hilarious in their own right.

Never tried it ? Don't know anything about it ? Maybe here I can convince you to give it a go.

Imps at work