Appeared : August 2004
Developer : id Software
Distributor : Activision
Official Web Site :
My opinion : Man is it hard to display black.

The title page
The Menu page
Finding Dr. Ishii

Doom was the granddaddy of all multiplayer games. It actually created the genre. It was gripping, intense, wacky and gory. It defined for all times how a shotgun should sound. It was displayed in 320x240, in 256 colors.

Doom III is just another shooter, but it has a twist : you shoot the dark and pray you hit. And to do that efficiently, you need a rig that costs more than a top-level home cinema set. Otherwise, not only will you be shooting at the wrong dark, but you'll be shooting too late too. Horrifying, isn't it !?

Moving crates

Shooting zombies

Surviving an ambush

As you can see, the graphical wonders of Doom III are enhanced by a gripping storyline made of time-trusted elements (move along corridor, kill everything that moves). Just be sure to purchase the latest and greatest $1000 video card and CPUs, otherwise you might only see this :

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