Appeared : 1993
Developer : Bullfrog
Editor :
Distributor : Ubi Soft
Official Web Site :
My opinion : a good game

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When this game came out, I could hardly believe the quality of the graphics. Sure, today it all seems quite outdated - and next to the GeForce or even the Voodoo series it's even worse. But in those days, it was 640x480 in 16 colors ! And one must admit, it was hailed at the time as a major feat in design and aesthetics. It was also the first bad-guy game that I know of, in addition to being part of the emerging real-time games that set the trend for the future - which is the present today.

It was a good game. Check it out - at least for nostalgia's sake.

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Bad points ? Well, at the time games almost never came out with mission or level editors, so no one can hold that against Syndicate. Actually, the worst point I can hold against this came is its sequel : Syndicate Wars. I did not like that game at all. After the graphical excellence of the original, Bullfrog tried to go 256 colors and made a big mess of it. Beurk.