by sharok rillk

The time is in the near future on planet Earth. The colonization of Mars is starting, based on the knowledge gained from having colonized the Moon. The InterPlanetary Communications Network - or ICNet - as it is known is technical circles, is already being adapted to the necessities of the added workload that a whole new planetary body will bring. In brief, it is a wondrous time of expansion and development for the whole Human race.

There are some nagging issues that remain ; for all its development, there are still small African nations that see their populations dwindle through famine, sickness and hunger. There are still areas on the Asian and African continents that see war and strife. There are still multinational corporations that are, for all intents and purposes, above the law. Despite these issues, the future is looking bright for Mankind.

But one place will soon understand that not all is well : the headquarters of the Space Threat Detection Center.


Chapter One : The Beginning

Chapter Two : Proof

Chapter Three : Maneuvers

Chapter Four : Research

Chapter Five : First Contact

Chapter Six : 72 hours

Chapter Seven : In Transit